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The best original language movies at the Odeon Cinema in Florence

There are good news for the Anglophone and the film fans: the Odeon festival dedicated to the English language movies is back.

To the delight of the Anglophone and the movie lovers, the Odeon cinema in Florence presents Original Sound, a festival dedicated to original language movies with subtitles in Italian. Here are the most important films of the season that you can’t absolutely miss.

The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola

Being probably the most famous director in the history of cinema who has followed her father’s footsteps, Sofia Coppola puts up the dangerous obsessions of the American teenagers with the Hollywood stars. In this film any resemblance to real events and/or to real persons, living or dead, is purposely.

When: from 27th September to 2nd October

original language movies odeon florence

Diana by John Hirschbiegelh

Naomy Watts plays the role of the people’s prince in a biopic that tells the story of Lady D without hiding or censoring anything. This film has even been opposed by the royal family. It’s worth seeing it at any rate for the original language.

When: from 3rd to 10th October; from 15th to 16th October

Rush by Ron Howard

The by then sixty-year-old Richie Cunningham has invested his huge assets in this film that talks about the golden era of the Formula 1. The main storyline is about the famous rivalry between James Hunt e Niki Lauda. This movie will be particularly appreciated by motors lovers and fans of the American style. 

When: from 11th to 14th October

Which one of these original language movies at the Odeon Cinema in Florence do you prefer?

Original Sound
Original language movies

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