5 good reasons to kiss in Florence

5 terraces that overlook the Arno, Five different stories, all with Florence as the backdrop. The rooms of Residenza Vespucci have suggested a number of good reasons to kiss while gazing at the Ponte Vecchio.

Declare Your Love

It’s hard to find a more romantic setting to declare your love in style. Whether you’re just starting out with a new relationship, giving a new glow to an established one, or popping the official question with a ring, doing so with the Arno flowing and the sunset painting San Frediano pink will create an atmosphere without equal that will help elicit a “yes.”


Go back to the spot where you took your first walk together, or spend a weekend in the city where you had your first vacation as a couple. Memories have a scent, and a color; perhaps that of the unmistakable arches of the Ponte Vecchio, your reflections in the window before closing your eyes for a kiss.

Residenza Vespucci

Fall Asleep Next to the Woman of Your Dreams

The heart cannot be controlled, but it can certainly be trained. To love a person, but also to love art, traveling, and life. We learn as children to open our hearts, as taught by our mothers. The same mother that takes us on vacation, and between one whim and the next, teaches us the importance of keeping our eyes open and hearts balanced, ready to welcome the beauty of a special day, and of a goodnight kiss before pulling up the covers at the end of a full day.

Don’t Hide

There are couples that have to face more difficulties even just to share a simple embrace. They may be two men, or two women, that have discovered recently their feelings. They have had to learn to fight prejudices to the death, and know the value of a freely-given kiss in the light of day. For them the ever open-minded city of Florence takes on a greater value, that of respect and freedom.

Residenza Vespucci B&B - River view from balcony

Celebrate Friendship

Maybe it’s a bachelorette party, or a last minute vacation shared between best friends. Female friendship can sometimes be difficult, it’s true. But it is also capable of creating ties stronger than time. We imagine them between the windows of via Tornabuoni, an art exhibition, or a chat at a cocktail party. We see them sharing a sisterly hug that finishes with a kiss on the cheek and an open-hearted laugh, and really is worth more than a thousand words.

Different stories, the same scenario: a unique city, where it’s a real pity to have a room without a view. It’s hard to say that Forster’s good old book was wrong, if outside your window you find Florence.

B&B Residenza Vespucci
Lungarno Amerigo Vespucci 2, Firenze


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